MetroTone, Inc

Music defines so much of our experiences—that’s why we make sure it’s the highlight of any event we support. MetroTone Inc. is your home for music rentals, whether you’re in need of musical instruments or event production help, we are the experienced solution for your next gig. We offer everything from instrument rentals, music equipment rentals, band instrument rentals, to the nitty gritty of production logistics and technical support.
As a team we embrace the beauty and power of music and we can’t wait to be a part of your next musical event. Our backline rentals have been available since 2007 and continue to grow annually. The price tag and reliability of your band equipment should never be in question, that’s why we are proud to provide great rental value, along with top-tier equipment, and strategic solutions for each and every performance. Tone is necessary for a successful show, and we’ve got the professionals who know how to deliver the quality you’re looking for. We hope to unite with you and your band to celebrate the life that music gives to each of us. Let MetroTone tackle rentals for your next show.

From the bus to backstage—from stage left to stage right and everything in between—that’s what our cartage service offers for your next musical event. If music instrument transportation is something your band needs, we can help. If you are on the search for logistical support at a reasonable, but reliable rate, you are sure to find what you need with MetroTone. Don’t settle for fractured communication or added stress the day of the event, let our team of music professionals take care of the logistics for you at your next event!
A/V Education
Existing Equipment and Audio and Video Troubleshooting

The technical side of the music industry plays an integral part in any performance, but how do you ensure you have the right team assembled for the job? If you are in need of AV technology for your band or for an upcoming event, MetroTone offers a set of well versed technicians for all of your technical support and potential video troubleshooting needs. Our team can work with your existing equipment or provide video and audio troubleshooting, in addition to our internal backline rentals. Eliminate the uncertainty of AV technology or any other technical support your band may experience during your next event, let MetroTone provide you with the technical support you need.  
Backline Rental
Gear and Equipment Rental 

As a musician, you already know how vital good gear and equipment is for sound quality and a strong performance, but did you know you can rent band equipment for a reasonable rate with MetroTone Inc.? Our backline rental options cover any needs you may have for any of your upcoming musical events. We have a wide variety of music gear rentals at your service. The next time you need music equipment rentals, give us a call and let’s see what we can arrange to help you rock and roll for your next show

Equipment Service

Our equipment service is here to arrange all of the logistics for your next musical performance. We have a streamlined system that offers you peace of mind and organization during the planning and prep of upcoming events. Our skilled professionals look forward to helping you select your music equipment rentals. After a brief discussion of what you’re looking for, we will walk you through our selections and price points so you can make an informed decision. If you have an upcoming show planned, or are in the process of lining up your next gig, call MetroTone for the best music instrument rental selections.
    Production Management
Event and Stage Management

Preparing for a show takes a lot of organization and arranging. The performance itself requires backstage management and guidance, too. That’s what we’re here for. If you’re in need of stage management, production management, or even live event production help we are the experts you can rely on for a stellar show. With our skill in tone, logistics, and instrument rentals, we have the understanding and experience you need to ensure the music is the main focus at the event. 
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